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Changzhou Esuntech Co.,Ltd. is a commitment to high-quality ocates in Jiangsu near Shanghai which is convenient for goods transportation and customer visiting. And we have Electromax Co as the agent  in Seoul Korea.
Main Poducts:
Buzzer: piezoelectric (piezo) vibration element,piezoelectric buzzer,magnetic buzzer,SMD buzzer
Speaker:piezo tweeter,mylar speaker,loudspeaker,tweeter speaker,TV speaker,car speaker,multimedia speaker,woofer,sub-woofer,waterproof speaker etc
Ultrasonic sensor: for car parking system or distance tester

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Changzhou Esuntech Co.,Ltd.

Add.:No.2228,Fudu Shangwu Building,               No.398 Tongjiang Road,Changzhou, Jiangsu-213022,China
Fax: +86-519-85132680
SKYPE: yccsha


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